Yoga Classes in Hendersonville

Coming in September: Yo-Lates Yoga

Tuesdays 8-9:15am  

(details to follow)

pam hester

Monday Restorative/Yoga Nidra  

Monday  August 20 7pm-8:15pm  $20

(save $5 if pre-registered by 6/24 )

(register on Special Events page) 

Jo El James and Arlene Riley

+1.8285515769  •  Get Directions


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Thursday morning Yin Yoga will move from 8am to 9am starting August 2 and will be led by Pam Hester.

We offer small group classes and personalized attention in a soothing studio environment.  Choose from Vinyasa Flow,  Yin,  Kripalu,  Chair Yoga, Restorative and Yoga Nidra.   Classes for beginners are offered on the weekly menu -Yoga Essentials, Beginner Basics (coming in May).  We specialize in using different yoga modalities to meet the needs of Baby Boomer students..

When beginning the practice of yoga, we usually think of it as a physical exercise.  But the quieter aspects can show us a profound way to reconnect with the calm and quiet part of ourselves.  Yoga involves integrating every muscle, organ, and cell of the body, restoring balance to body and mind. It affects the entire nervous system and teaches the mind and body a new way of being in the world.   Give it a try!

First Friday Restorative CANCELLED FOR AUGUST

(Sorry for any inconvenience- please join us on September 7) 

Friday August 10 6:15pm-7:30pm  $20

(save $5 if pre-registered by Thursday )

(register on Special Events page) 

Arlene Riley

Upcoming Series & Classes​ 




August Special:

         3 Weeks for $30*              Unlimited Yoga

* New local students or students that have been away from us for more than a year only. Must pre-register by emailing to verify.

OFFER EXPIRES AUGUST 31 (last day to activate)

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