S   P   I   R   I   T   U   S      S   T   U   D   I   O

Nothing to seek...everything is here. If we try to get rid of something, it will naturally remain. If we try to weaken a habit, it will naturally remain strong. If we try to push away our thoughts, they will naturally return.  If we try to get rid of our pain, we will suffer all the more. This is the secret of our path; gentleness and flexibility bring the results that force and rigidity fail to achieve.
-The Tao Te Ching, Chapter 36

YOGA POT LUCK FOR SAT MAY 21 Will Be Rescheduled.
Yin/Yang Harmony FLow
 on Tuesdays 6:15pm
Warrior Power Flow on Wednesdays 6:15pm
Energy Yoga Flow on Thursdays 6:15pm
EFT "Tapping"Training on Sunday May 22 9am-4pm ($50)
Call Shannon Buck at 828-329-7831 to register.

To build community and to empower our students to have happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives through the practice and philosophy of yoga.

We strive to share yoga in a non-competitive and inclusive way that is accessible to all students without judgement or pressure. Blending ancient wisdom and modern science, Spiritus Studio Yoga is committed to addressing our individual students' needs and experiences.   Our passionate, dedicated teachers strive to provide students with the tools to shape their best body, mind, and life.  Our particular focus is on serving seniors and people who work in the helping professions, partnering with organizations to include Council on Aging, Palliative Care, and Thrive.  Our educational approach aims to encourage our students to think independently so that they can incorporate what they learn in class into their lives. Along with instruction on optimal form and anatomy, our classes include breath awareness, relaxation and yoga philosophy.

Welcome To Our Cozy Neighborhood Studio in Hendersonville NC!

We are tucked away in a small shopping center called South Park Plaza, located across Hwy 25 from Fresh Market, behind Haus Heidleberg, and beside Curves.   

Our classes are small and our instructors are ready to personally assist you in your practice.  We believe this practice called Yoga exists to literally change your life.  Classes here are designed to provide direction on how to live your life well, not just to practice asana well.    

We are a learning-focused community and take an interest in each and every student.  

The practice of yoga acts as an interface between the human body and the world to affect positive, meaningful change.  Practicing yoga will gradually change your perception of your life/world to one that is filled with resilience, gratitude and wonder. 

We invite you to join us for a class, workshop, or discussion group and come see for yourself. 

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