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As a small business owner with bills, employees, and logistics, Arlene enjoys the challenge of running a profitable business while still enjoying the privilege of doing what makes her heart really sing- Teaching Yoga!

She discovered yoga  during a painful personal time- a custody battle for her children. To her great surprise, she found yoga much more helpful than the lawyers, accountants, sleeping pills, and psychiatrists!   

Today, she enjoys "living yoga" through the different hats she is currently wearing in the world.  In addition to teaching yoga and paying the Spiritus bills, Arlene runs a local senior placement service called Carepatrol.  Her practice deepens even more as she navigates being a wife, mother, friend, sister, grandmother. 

Arlene’s current goal is that there be no difference between the way she lives and the way she practices.  Her greatest realization is that we all have a Very Important Choice​ each and every day:  whether to be present or not, in every single moment of that day.    She’s discovered that it’s easy to be spiritual when you are “in ease”- it’s when you venture outside your comfort zone, patterns and habits into the vast unknown that you need the lessons of yoga to cling to for dear life!

 Sharing from her life's experiences, she challenges the Spiritus community to make yoga bigger in their life than just A Yoga Pose. Arlene is grateful and humble to be a part of connecting people and yoga.