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Originally from Long Island NY, Emily discovered yoga when she lost a loved one and simply started the practice to help ease and clear her mind.  She is forever grateful for the friend who took her to her first yoga class.

Emily is known for encouraging laughter and silliness - expect to have fun in her classes! As a happy person herself, she leads a happy yoga practice, striving to achieve smiles throughout class.  Her classes are inspired by self-love and appreciation and she believes in conquering circumstance with strength. She likes to blend different styles of yoga together to create one super juicy relaxing class but also a class that can be tough.

She challenges each of her students to find something that makes them happy - to understand why it creates happiness and then to live, teach, and keep learning about whatever it is. Her hope is that her students will share and inspire others to do the same.

Earning her 250 RYT from Asheville Community Yoga, Emily's mission is to open up the hearts of her students to allow self- love to flow as freely as breath; to  build inner strength in her students that will grow as deeply as tree roots.  Her challenge as a teacher is to always be the student herself by learning from those in her own classes.

Emily believes that her yoga practice keeps her body strong, flexible and properly functioning.  It keeps her mind sharp, humbled and happy.  Emily feels lucky to have found the perfect and cozy studio that is Spiritus Studio Yoga.