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We hope these new workshops enable you to participate in your own personal healing.  Enjoy!


YOGA NIDRA Intention Setting Monthly Workshop
Monday, April 23 
7-8:15pm (Jo Elizabeth James )
Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation, with the body supported by blankets and bolsters.  Students stay alert and awake as they witness and experience the lack of activity in the mind and body.  The practice cultivates awareness while easing students into a state of bliss.  It has been said that as little as 20 minutes of "yogic sleep" in Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 1-2 hours of extra sleep. Yoga Nidra provides healing by releasing cell and tissue-repairing hormones.
Cost- $20*******Early Bird Special******* Pay by Sunday before and save $5!  


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In April

1st Friday of Every Month     Next Class May 11
6:15-7:30pm (Arlene Riley), pre-register to save $5)

May's class will feature special application of hot stones and sandbags to facilitate opening and relaxation. 

This "specialty" class is for all levels, and the perfect way to complete your week.  Restorative poses are done in a tranquil setting and will result in calming your mind, resting your physical body and re-connecting you with the healing currents of your breath. Due to the extensive nature of prop set-ups, you must pre-register by noon the day of the event.  WE NO LONGER ALLOW DROP-INS FOR THIS EVENT. 
Cost- $20 ****  

Chitta Yoga One Hour Workshop
Saturday May 19 
3-4pm (Leslie Morrill, E-RYT 500, IAYT certified Yoga Therapist )
Chitta is that part of our individualized consciousness which registers and stores emotions and heart feelings, both positive and negative.  We will experience a unique aspect of Yoga which deals with our emotional body.Certain Hatha postures are conducive to revealing not only that which is present in our emotional field but that which has been "stored" in the recent and distant past.  Join us for this fascinating look into a part of ourselves which may be overlooked.  As we endeavour to achieve mind-body health, it is essential to be aware of our "emotional storehouse."

Leslie Morrill has been fortunate to teach yoga for over 4 decades and is a founding member of Yoga Alliance.  She studied yoga therapy under medical direction and was the yoga therapist for Mission Hospital cancer research programs.  Her certifications included yoga for cancer, chronic diseases, and Duke Integrative Medicine Health coaching. This unique Chitta Yoga style was developed by Leslie in 2006, after in-depth study of the emotional body,  She conducted workshops in San Diego for health and healing, integrating Hatha Yoga with Chitta Yoga. 

Cost $20******* as our usual policy. pay ahead and save $5.